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Tesla Model S
Model S 75
Range : 400 KM
Navigation system
Rear wheel drive
Free access to Tesla Superchargers
Heated front seats

*To rent this car contact EV.RENTALS
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Tesla Model X
**Coming soon***
All-Whell drive
Six Seat Interior
Back leather seats
Supercharger Enabled
Smart Air Suspension

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Porsche Panamera (PHEV)
Fuel Economy:
-Elec+Gas: 50 MPGe
-Gas: 25 MPG
Battery Size 9.4 kWh (Charging Rate: 3.7 kW)
Charger J1772
Charge Time:
- 240V (3.7 kW) – 2.5 hours

To rent this car contact EV.RENTALS
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100% electric fleet
We are the only car rental company in Vancouver entirely dedicated to offer electric vehicles. If you are looking to rent an electric car in Vancouver, look no further and rent with us. We offer the Tesla Model S and the Nissan Leaf.
We are now working with EV Rentals. To rent a car visit EV.RENTALS   
Great Rates
We offer competitive rates. You get additional discounts when you rent for a week or more. With an electric car you save on gas compared to a regular rental. Also, there’s no need to bring the car back with a "full tank". With us, you can bring the car back on empty and there is no charge.
No hidden charges
All of our cars include a GPS at no extra cost. The total cost to you, including your chosen options, will be confirmed by you during the internet reservation process. There will be no salesman at any time trying to sell you unwanted products or upgrades.
Real time online booking
Real time online booking. You can book your vehicle online. EV.RENTALS 

about us

We are the 1st rental company specialized in electric vehicles in Vancouver. We are now working with EV Rentals. You can book a car on  EV.RENTALS